Tara's Services

You can book Tara 

for an  online session through Duo, Zoom or FaceTime. 

In person readings are $125 an hour by request- text 910-227-3139

for times and locations. 

Click the link that says "book an appointment"

For all your booking options.

Psychic Readings 

Psychic Reading

Includes Crystal and card reading with Manifesting. 

A crystal reading to grant insight on where you are now, 

a card reading to give past, present and future information, 

​and we end with a beautiful man​ifest blessing. 

You can trade or add elements to include cord cutting, pendulum reading, or an herb smudge and blessing.

Available as a couples reading

30 minutes $55

60 minutes $100

Mini Readings

Limited time availability

Pick one of the 4 options listed below. 

-Manifesting Appointment - We will talk about what you need in your list and I will guide you through manifesting with Candle and herb magic.  This is fun witchcraft. 

-Pendulum Reading- You will need a list of questions to ask. 

Need to be YES/NO answers or number answers

-Crystal Reading- This gives a good over view of your life. Sometimes a  few cards are added for clarification. 

-Simple Card reading - Simple oracle card readings. Get as much info as you can in 15 minutes. 

$30 for 15 minutes

Limit to one per day. If you need more time you

will be upgraded to the 30 minute appointment.

Mini readings are designed just to be a sample reading. 

Small Group Readings 

Small Group Reading

Up to 4 people to receive a Psychic reading and each person will get messages. This is great for g​roups traveling together, Friends or families that would like an enjoyable group session.

75 Minutes $150

$50 facility fee may apply

Spirituality Coaching 

Spiritual coaching sessions

Spiritual coaching sessions for adults

Parenting the spiritual child sessions

Tara can provide assistance through personal experience and knowledge. She really wants to be there for anyone needing help with their spiritual path.

$100 for 60 minutes

$55 for 30 minute follow up

At home Readings 

Home Readings 

Available for Clients that have already had a reading in shop with Tara.

This is for clients that prefer the privacy and convenience of their own location. 

Readings start at  $125 per 1 Hour for Wilmington clients. ($200 minimum )

Request a reading and get a quote by emailing  [email protected]